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Premium grocer South Stream Market relaunches with traceable, artisanal produce


We live in busy times. And amid the bustle of our daily routines, an essential task like shopping for groceries at the touch of a button is not just a convenience any more; it’s a necessity. Not only do we require the comfort and ease of door to door delivery, the quality and source of our food is also increasingly paramount. Considering this, our lives got just a little easier when premium online food retailer South Stream Market (formerly known as South Stream Seafoods) re-launched to offer not just high-quality seafood and meat products, but also a brand new home-catering service and artisanal produce section.

Traceability of produce is a growing concern amongst shoppers these days, with ever-increasing connoisseurship and know-how of where to find the best and cleanest meat and seafood. Appreciating these valid concerns, South Stream Market offers a wide range of organic, natural items. The grocer purchases their produce directly from the growers, farmers and fishermen. All meats and poultry are all sourced from the cleanest environments with strict monitoring of health and regulatory issues. Think Japanese Omi beef for hot pot, or unctuous dry-aged Scottish beef for steak night; hormone-free chicken fillets for weekday dinners or free-range Iberico pork loin for a sophisticated treat.

(Image credit: Wesual Click/Unsplash)

Managing Director Stephen Wright says, “At South Stream Market we are committed to bringing the best quality products and services to our customers. 2019 is an exciting year for us with the launch of our new Customer Rewards program, Personalised Catering Service and the introduction of our Artisan section. South Stream Market is all about providing premium products, personalised service but at affordable prices.”

Part of the ongoing effort to improve the traceability of the entire food supply chain from sourcing through delivery, South Stream also recently introduced their Artisan Section. Apart from ensuring the customer’s peace of mind, this project showcases producers, farmers, butchers, bakers and other food suppliers not just from across the world, but also from Hong Kong.

This means that a range of exceptional items can now be purchased at South Stream Market. For instance, handmade breads by Mayse Bakery, a father-daughter-owned deli based in Tai Po, are now available here. Made using ancient Latvian recipes, these breads are a truly unique find in the tricky baking climate in Hong Kong. Similarly, the market has partnered with Just Shot Coffee to source premium green beans and roast them directly in Hong Kong. Exquisite varieties of teas from Wital Tea, a German tea atelier that sources them from the world’s best gardens, can be found here too. Hong Kong is no short of cheese lovers, and those who want in on artisanal varieties can check out the handpicked collection from Neal’s Yard Dairy from the UK — a seller that works exclusively with 40 cheesemakers across the country.

South Stream Market’s recent makeover also features an effective personalised service which allows shoppers to request specific cuts of meat or seafood — they can have the item cut to a certain thickness, complete with serving suggestions, at no extra charge. Quality and freshness are ensured, as each order is delivered vacuum-sealed.

(Image credit: Randy Fath/Unsplash)

And just when you think that’s all, South Stream Market comes up with yet another ace up its sleeve. A newly set up Private Chef & Catering Service prepares, cooks and serves the best quality food in the comfort of your home. An experienced team of F&B professionals can also provide full catering service for larger gatherings and corporate events with more than 1,000 guests.


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